Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with family and friends. This year was definitely one of if not the best Thanksgiving of the whole decade for me. To be honest, I looked at it from the lens of it’s a four-day weekend. Like the food and family was nice, […]

End of a Decade

Its the season of Thanksgiving! A time of reflecting over one’s year, celebrating life, and the expectation of what’s to come with the promise of a new year. And with the coming arrival of a new decade there is a lot to be reflexive over. I had the opportunity to meet with a colleague over […]

Tales From Abroad Vol. 2

Back in 2016 I went to the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s funny, because while I was poring over my photo gallery, I found a composite picture of Rio that I had screenshot off of the internet back in 2014. Going to Rio was a dream come true for me; going during […]

Going Through Changes

I’m going through changes. Historically in my life, change has presented itself as an instantaneous thing that just happens. I live, I go through something, and the next day something is different. This change that I am experiencing currently is different. I can see it taking place. This week I left my part time job. […]

24 (Overcoming Trauma Conclusion)

During my hiatus from blogging it was my 24th birthday. The significance in that is, I did not realize how much turning 24 would influence my perspective during that period of healing. One of the gifts I received for my 24th birthday was Steven Universe the Movie (it came out on the same day). In […]

Know Your Worth.

For the last 6 weeks I’ve been working at my full-time job in corporate America, and at a part-time job at a liquor store to offset the detrimental broke boy summer that I had this year. Recently I’ve been having issues at my part-time job, mainly, I do not want to be there anymore. I’m […]