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Hi I’m Ken!

How did I get here?

I was at the end of my ropes, and I had no money in the bank. Externally I looked like a million bucks, but In reality, I was destitute. At the time, I was both a full-time graduate student, and beginning what would become my entrepreneurial journey. While studying for my Master’s in Mental Health, I became an insurance agent after an unfulfilling sent as a cashier.

Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on how its looked at), my venture to become a financial planning professional failed miserably, and after spending the last $100 I had to my name, I found myself all but homeless trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life.

The Underdog

I’ve always felt like an underdog; Most slept On, overlooked, last one thought about or considered. And true or not, it has left me with a chip on my shoulder.

And so there I was experiencing what seemed like a running joke. I was standing the hallway of life knocking on every door desperately hoping one would open. Despite my personal achievements and professional experience, I could not land a job to save my life. During my bout with unemployment I found a silver lining and my saving grace; I started blogging.

Blogging was something I was introduced to while in the insurance industry, and I had originally created this website with the intentions of gaining exposure in the business. When that plan did not come to fruition I decided not to let this site go to waste and I shared my first blog post, a letter to my mother that I wrote on Mother’s Day of that year.

Since that day I have not stopped writing.

Blogging became my freedom; I could be myself, share my passions, and give hope and inspiration to others.

Why I Blog

This blog is my platform. Its my soap box on the street, and eventually I want to turn this soap box into a stage. I want to break free from the hell of working a nine to five. I want to prove the doubters wrong. I don’t want to have to worry about whether or not I can make $20 last two weeks. I want to give back, and I want to make a difference. These goals are what motivate and inspire me every day.

What I Write About


I am a Christian, and my faith is an important part of who I am. As such I share my faith journey as well as encourage other’s own their own.

News and Events

I think its important to be in tune with the decision that affect us everyday. I strive to make my conent I cover on this topic both relevant and fact based.

Mental Health

Mental health is essential. As someone who studied it, dealt with trauma on various levels, as well as battles depression, I am all too familiar with why it is important to monitor one’s mental health and find ways to constantly improve and sustain it.

The Value of Education

I love learning. Its what keeps us young, vibrant, and engaging. I research and or have hands on experience on every topic I write about. My intentions with this website is to provide the truth and allow the readers to formulate their own opinion. I give my perspective so that you can develop your own.   


The mission of My Black Perspective Blog is to both inform and inspire millennials throughout the world. It is the goal of this website to teach each visitor something new and inspire them to develop their own viewpoints on the various subject matters.  

I am a unique person with a unique perspective. People like me do not always get a chance to get their voice heard, so instead of waiting for an opportunity, I made my own.

I’ve always believed, that we should never say no to ourselves. Because of that mantra I’ve lived a good life: I’ve traveled, made life-long friends, and have been willing to risk it all (and have done so on a few occasions). Every day I’m learning how to better live out my call; and I’m committed to seeing it through to the end.