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Hi I’m Ken! I am an Entrepreneur and Businessman.

The Journey Thus Far…

the roots of my entrepreneurial journey can be traced all the way back to my childhood. I have always been in tune with my creative ability however, only in my adulthood have I been able to channel my creative energy towards my passion.

This transformation began to take place in my life after hitting what was rock bottom for me at the time while working as financial planner.

Ironically enough, while doing financially planning the least available commodity to me at the time was money. The life of a financial planner is not easy, and for all intent and purposes I was swimming upstream.

I eventually left the financial industry, and took with me all of the knowledge and resources I developed over my time. I believe that everything happens for a reason and even though that opportunity did not it did water and nurture my entrepreneurial spirit.

From there I went an entire eight months effectively unemployed… Yeah I know, what luck right? But once again, that season of dejection set me up to walk into a season and quite frankly a lifestyle of prosperity and abundance.

I began to notice patterns of behaviors in myself as it relates to employment. I realized, that I am not made to be a cog in a machine. The way I live life is more determinant on who I am as opposed to what I can do.

As a career salesmen, I had been [and in some ways I still am] results and number oriented. But over time I came to realize that while yes, its important to measure things, but its more important to measure the right things.

My Why

Upon having that revelation I started taking stock of what really mattered to me and in my life. That’s when I made the decision that business and entrepreneurship is the only logical and practical way for me to live my life every day and be excited about getting out of bed in the morning.

Being a businessman goes far beyond a desire to avoid toxic work environments. For me it is everything. In addition to not wanting to run the rat race anymore, I saw a compelling future for myself that did not fit my reality. Business is the only vehicle through which I could become all that I know I am.

I do what I do because I want to help others do what they want to do. I want to show people that it is possible to live the life they dream about, and that they do not have to waste away in an inadequate reality.

I also see the value in having quality information and support. We can accomplish anything with the right support system. I have had a multitude of setbacks in my life because of a poor support system. I am adamant about not proliferating impotency.

I want to see people grow and go to the next level Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

Passion Turned to Business

Blogging is a passion that has become a business. My Black Perspective started out as a soap box on the virtual street of the internet.

Blogging was something I was introduced to while in the financial industry, and I had originally created ‘My Black Perspective’ with the intentions of gaining exposure in that field.

When that plan did not come to fruition I decided not to let this site go to waste and I shared my first blog post, a letter to my mother.

Since then I have not stopped writing.

Blogging became my freedom; I could be myself, share what I am passionate about, and give hope and inspiration to others.

The site has grown and continues to grow into a wonderful community of individuals with their own story to tell and perspective to share.

I constantly encourage people to never be afraid to share their perspective, and to expand their capacity for new information.

Its All About Perspective

The mission of My Black Perspective Blog is to both inform and inspire millennials throughout the world. It is the goal of this website to teach each visitor something new and inspire them to develop their own viewpoints on the various subject matters.  

I love learning. Its what keeps me vibrant, and engaging. I research and have hands on experience on every topic I write about. In addition to my sales and business background, I also have an educational background in mental health.

I am a young millennial from suburban New Jersey, USA, and I am also Christian.

My intention is to provide truths and allow the readers to formulate their own opinion. I give my perspective so that you can develop your own.   

I am a unique person with a unique perspective. People like me do not always get a chance to get their voice heard, so instead of waiting for an opportunity, I created my own.

I’ve always believed, that we should never say no to ourselves. Because of that mantra I’ve live a good and prosperous life. Every day I am learning how to better live out my calling in life; and I’m committed to making my dreams my reality.

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