Do we Still Know how to Communicate?

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Over the last several days a lot has been happening to a lot of people. And I know that is a vast generalization but, unfortunately, it is just too much to report on. Racial tensions have begun to boil over to a point where for those who care, it has been impossible to not say anything.

I have been working on a lot of things, and this has been my first chance getting to sit down and write a post. And while I do not plan on this to be along post I do have one question: do we still know how to communicate?

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    Communication is about more than words being exchanged, or gifts changing hands. Communication is talking with intimacy. That means, that while I do not know or care frankly, what you are doing with your life, I care that at least you are doing something. Right now, I feel like it is hard for people to be intimate with one another because everyone is focused on the who and the what as opposed to the why.

    People are afraid right now to be vulnerable. And it makes total sense with everything that is going on. However, true communication is vulnerability. People keep focusing on what they are doing as opposed to how they are doing it.

    I know writing is my passion. I know I can always come back to a keyboard, string together some words and create captivating and tantalizing content; regardless of who reads. It is not about the labor; it is about the capacity in which we labor.

    I should not have to toil to get the attention of my siblings. None of us should.

    Now is not about who is doing what. Now is about what is everyone doing as a collective to help each other. The only way we truly meet each other’s needs is if we communicate. Its okay to rest and just talk. Tell the truth with one another and see what is really going on. We go forward, faster, together.

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