Can you Create the Life you Want for Yourself?

At this point It should be no secret that I am a fan of Jay Z and Kanye West. Recently I have been studying their lives. These two billionaires that I identify with on multiple levels are pinnacles of success for me. Not because of the lives they live, but because of the mindset that got them there. As such, they have become my case study.

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Over the last several weeks, through watching their interviews and listening to their music, I have come to realize, regardless of the medium they always speak about certain things. Jay Z rapped about being the best and having his hustle bring him success before it ever did. Kanye West is on the record for saying he would get with Kim Kardashian and that he is a Christian visionary before he ever married Kim and became that visionary.

Once it dawned on me that they were able to speak their life into existence I began looking for evidence of this ability to manifest in my own life. Thankfully, I did not have to look too far because one of my close friends exhibits this same quality. So, as I began to examine what it is about him that allows for what he says to happen he shared with me simply, that he believes that what he says will happen.

Such a plain epiphany lead me down a path of introspection that brought me to the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is described as:

“…The ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.”

It is the idea that we are what we think.

I have been exposed to this kind of teaching before and it is something that coincides with what I believe, but I never knew what it took or what it looked like to “manifest” a life for myself.  The fact of the matter is, many people including myself, have been applying the law of attraction but just not in a way that yields the results that we want.

Effective application of the law of attraction looks like shifting our subconscious and allowing our expectations to create our reality.

An Attractive Mindset

Our biggest obstacle is our mind, and our Achilles heel is our confirmation bias. If we can learn to think better, we become better.

The challenge with thinking better is it requires us to change how we think about what we think. That thing that you think about when you are not thinking must change, because that is what determines the trajectory of our lives.

Our subconscious drives us, and our confirmation bias is the GPS.

As humans we are always looking for things to affirm what we already believe. An example of this is, one of the goals I made for myself at the top of this year is to purchase a candy red Camaro, because I like the color red and I want to go through a cool sports car phase of life.

Since I set that goal I see at least one Camaro a day. Its not necessarily because those Camaros were not there before, but rather, since I made that goal, my mind has started looking for things in my life that affirm what I believe.

In the same way, our confirmation bias can allow negative thoughts to perpetuate in our mind. Every day we shape our reality because we naturally gravitate towards or attract to us what we already believe.    

Can you Believe Better?

The real question is, can we believe better?

The answer is yes, but it takes effort. The draw back to believing in something, is that there will always be opposition. What we choose to focus on should be set with clear intentions. We need to know what we want as if it is already ours.

If we can be resolute in what we believe the opposition does not matter, because we are focused and that thing that we are focused on is being affirmed in our lives every single day.  It is a lot easier to argue from a place of confidence when one has enough evidence to back up their claim.

Our opposition will tell us that we cannot have what we want. But what we believe must be truer than what we see or hear from the things that are against us. We cannot allow the noise of the world to drown out what is inside of us.

Many people capitulate to a worldview that is counter intuitive to their growth. We have to start protecting our minds like our life depends on it, because it does.  

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