Food for Thought #6 – Occupy a New Territory

I know I had mentioned in my Thanksgiving Weekend post that I was going to be going on hiatus as of this week. But the blog kind of derailed in that I wrote an unintended post about suicide, and I was not inspired enough to talk about the last few topics that I had on my topic list. As such, I did not want to end the year on a sad note; So I decided that I am going to share a modified version of an excerpt from my prayer journal. One of the things that I came to realize after publishing “Don’t Jump” is that blogging is a very intimate form of media. As I grow, this blog is going to grow with me, as will the subject matter. I do not want to limit what I share here, but that also means that for this blog to retain its essence, I have to share various areas of my life. This food for thought is me doing just that, allowing my readers to see another aspect of myself, in the hopes that after reading this you may be inspired to do great things and go into 2020 with great expectation:


I believe some of us are about to inherit and occupy a new space. This time of year is a deeply spiritual one for me because, this is the time of year where I begin to set the agenda for the new year. Typically, I am in deep mediation or fasting, finding whatever way I can to stay in tune with what God is saying. This year that practice has taken on a new form. At the beginning of this month God put the concept of rest on my heart. In response I decided to not only not overexert myself, but to also disengage from that which I was not inspired to engage in, that included, not doing some of my traditional practices during this season.

At the beginning of this week, God put this idea on my heart: occupy a new territory. The catalyst for this idea came from hanging out with one of my close friends over the weekend. After we had hung out and I came back to my apartment I realized that this is my life now. I have transitioned into a new space and place without me realizing it. My old life is gone, all that exists of it are the products thereof: friends, memories, and developed character traits; but for all intents and purposes I have a new life. After embracing that revelation my mind was immediately drawn to the story of the Israelites in the desert.

The Israelites, after being rescued from pharaoh in the bible, wandered the desert for 40 years in search of a land that God promised he was going to give them. For the last few years, some of us have been in search of that metaphoric promise land in our lives. The good news is that in 2020 it’s our time to occupy it. A whole generation passed before the Israelites made it to the border of their new home. Once they did make it, the new Israelites who inherited the promise of God from the previous generation, also had a new leader in Joshua. A few days before the Israelites went into the new land, God told Joshua that in this new territory, He would give him [Joshua] everything that his feet touch, that his new territory would be expansive, that from the moment he occupies the new territory that nothing and no one would stand against him for the rest of his life, and that He [God] would be with him [Joshua] as he was with Moses. For context and clarity on that last point, Moses was the closest thing to a Jesus like figure humanity ever got to up until Jesus actually came (so that deceleration from God was a big deal). I believe those same declarations given to Joshua are not only for me but for whoever else is reading this entry.

2020 is going to be amazing because we have something to look forward to. Let me make this as practical as possible. There are three specific traits associated with the concept of a promise land I want to highlight. For starters, the land is promised. Promises from God as they relate to us on an individual level can be best described as a hope, dream, or desire. It’s something that you want in your innermost being. Not all of those hopes and dreams are originals. The promise land was promised to an entire people but was inherited by an entirely new generation of the same people. Have you ever thought that maybe some of the hopes and desires that you have are similar to the same hopes and desires that your parents or grandparents had, and you are just apart of the generation fortunate enough to inherit them?

The other quality of the promised land is that it is all yours. God told Joshua everything that he touches is his in this new land. He continued by saying be strong and very courageous. Why would we have to be strong and courageous if everything in this new territory is already ours? Well, the last quality of the promised land is that it is already occupied. When the Israelites showed up to their land of milk and honey, there were already people partaking of their resources. Some of us in 2020 may be in a situation where our land is already occupied before we get there. Take courage because God has already given it to you. Those current tenants are only there to get it set up for you. In the same book several chapters down God says “I gave you land you had not worked on, and I gave you towns you did not build—the towns where you are now living. I gave you vineyards and olive groves for food, though you did not plant them” (Joshua 24:13). I believe in 2020 God is going to do the same thing for us! So be strong and courageous, occupy your new territory, its all yours.

Thank you all for reading My Black Perspective! This blog has already changed my life and its only been six months. I am so excited for the new territory this blog will inhabit in 2020. The early feedback and general reception of this blog has been amazing, I hope you all stick with me in the new year as I continue to prefect my craft and curate quality content. Please follow the blog if you’re not a follower already, the form is below, all that is required is an email address, that’s it. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and see you in 2020!

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