Thanksgiving Weekend


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with family and friends. This year was definitely one of if not the best Thanksgiving of the whole decade for me. To be honest, I looked at it from the lens of it’s a four-day weekend. Like the food and family was nice, but you want to know what was nicer, not having to go to work!

The day of Thanksgiving I celebrated with my extended family; I Got to see all my cousins, my aunts and uncle. We celebrated at my grandmother’s home and it was nice to have all of the family under one roof. Unfortunately, that was a tradition that kind of fell by the waste side as we all got older and life progressed. I had showed up relatively early so I wanted to see if there was any way I could help, and I ended up making the mashed potatoes, which came out slammin’ if I do say so myself. Once dinner time arrived, I had to prepare a piece of fish for myself because that side of the family is not pescatarian friendly, and that was especially so on Thanksgiving. I prepared a beautiful piece of yellowtail tuna steak. I salted and peppered it and seared it in a pan for all of 30 seconds on each side and it was delicious.

I was also given the honor of blessing the food. The older I get the more I see the role that I get to play in unifying the family and being an example for my little cousins who by the way are hot messes! I have four high school aged boy cousins and they are just a riot. I used to help raise them growing up so now I’m like an older brother/ role model to them so it’s awesome to watch their progression into young men.

I brought the wine for the evening which was a bit of a challenge. It was a challenge because that side of the family are not drinkers, but they think they are. Like they think the good stuff is nasty and that the nasty stuff is good. So, I went on the safer side and brought a Robert Mondavi 2017 Cab. I thought it was a decent pick but of course not everyone liked it; Cannot please everyone, but I try, at least when it comes to alcohol hahaha.

On Black Friday I got to celebrate Thanksgiving round two with my immediate family. My dad and all of my siblings had to work on the day of, so we had to accommodate. The day started out with me picking up my dad (we did dinner at my sister’s) and him taking me out for breakfast in the morning and black Friday shopping in the afternoon, which I was happy for; I was in desperate need of some new work clothes. We had an early dinner which was nice and this time around there was fish! My sister made stuffed baked salmon. It was a whole lot of fun and merriment from start to finish.

After dinner I dropped my dad off home, and I made my way to the club! My best friend Chris made a surprise trip to visit me, so we went out and partied. I come alive every time that I am in a bar or a club, and since getting older I’ve only gotten better at being a professional partyer, so I try to make sure I always show my guests a good time when we socialize together. This was also only the third time I had seen Chris this year, which is a bit of an abnormality for us, but it made the time together that much better.

I wrapped the weekend up yesterday and today by staying in! I had to run a few errands like going grocery shopping and going to the bank, but other than that, I was determined to enjoy my time the way I wanted. This was such a much-needed weekend, and I’m thankful for every moment of it.

December is here which is exciting! Things are beginning to shift not only in my life but in the atmosphere in general. For my readers who are a bit more spiritually inclined I would advise that you lean in this month, I believe some exciting things are coming down the pike and that this decade is going to go out with a bang!

Also, a quick heads up; I will be going on hiatus for a month and a half starting on December 15th. The blog will be back in full swing as of February 1st, but I want to take some time to explore and workshop new material. “My Black Perspective” is going into its Sixth month and the reception has been amazing. I want to continue to expand this medium, but I want to do it the right way; So I will be taking that time off to figure out what the right way is.

I still have a few more posts lined up before I check out so stay tuned for those and please follow/join the email list to stay up to date with the life of this blog. For those of you who already follow/check in regularly thank you, I see you, and it is much appreciated!

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