Food for thought #5 – No Contingencies

The other day, and I cannot speak to the pretense of why, but I was thinking to myself, what if I do not accomplish all that I want to accomplish with my life. I think that is a natural thought for a lot of us. We all start off with these grandiose dreams when we are young. I want to be this when I grow up, I want to do that when I’m older; then we get older. And once we get older, we realize life does not care about what we thought we wanted to do or be.

I remember this summer speaking to my dad when I was pretty close to rock bottom as it relates to that season of life, and I asked him, when did he give up on his dream. He said, “I realized I was not going to accomplish what I wanted pretty early on, that’s just how life happened to me”. This story can be true for a lot of us. Sometimes when life hits us it feels like it’s knocked us out.

But I realized something recently: anything worth wanting is worth pursuing. To be frank, it’s kind of odd for someone in my position to not have given up on my hopes and dreams by now. And while my life has not played out in the way I thought it would, I’m glad that my dreams are bigger than my reality. For things to be real for us, we must get passed that place that says oh well you know, I want this but if it does not happen that’s okay.

Nah, I do not want to live a life filled with contingency plans; Because before I know it, I will have made a place for myself that pales in comparison to the place that I was supposed to be. Get serious about your wants and desires, because if you are not serious about what you want, you’ll be content with whatever you get. If something is worth wanting its worth pursuing. Even if it takes a whole lifetime, even if you don’t get it but your kids or grand kids get it, even if you only get a fraction of it. Don’t let life snuff your dreams out. No contingencies, all or nothing; I want this so I’m running after it.

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