I wanted to use this entry as a return to form. Blogging on top of everything else going on in my life was becoming a drag. I had set expectations for myself and this blog, knowing that was a bad idea especially early in the blogging process. I was becoming overwhelmed. So, I want to use this entry as a soft reset if you will, and spend time doing what I enjoy writing about what I enjoy, Pokémon.

Yesterday was the world release of Pokémon Sword and Shield; and the hype was real. And rightfully so, this is the first new generation in 3 years, and this is the first main series Pokémon game on a home console. The first pocket monster game that I ever played was Pokémon Blue, and I couldn’t have been any older than 7 or 8 years old. Whenever my aunt would baby sit my sister and I, my cousin would let me play on her purple Gameboy color. But in true Pokémon fashion, she would make sure that I would not save over her save file, as to not lose any of her progress. The first Pokémon game that I owned was Pokémon Red version. The first Pokémon game that I ever lent to someone was Pokémon Ruby, and Gen 4 is my favorite generation.

I just like the Pokémon designs. To me, that was the prime of Pokémon from a design aspect. Not to mention Gen 4 is where we got the creation trio, and the lake spirits.


I am of the camp of people that believe that generation 3 is the best in the series, specifically Pokémon Emerald. While generation 3 is not my favorite generation, I do think it is the most cohesive. Gen 3 is before major power creep ensued; and the Pokémon embodied the Hoenn region well in terms of design. The only gimmick in the game was Pokémon contests which were not that bad. Plus, the battle frontier as postgame, which is always a struggle area for Pokémon games, was pretty good. Also the weather trio… enough said.

My least favorite generation as is the case with most Pokémon fans, is Gen 5. Outside of most of the Pokémon being ugly/weird looking, the meta game was probably the most busted in this generation with the unending weather.

My favorite Pokémon is Typhlosion. I like its design, and I am also a fan of Gen 2. Game Freak needs to show Gen 2 a little bit more love. Like Gen 1, and specifically Charizard has had enough fanfare, bless the Gen 2 starters a little bit.

Like why is Meganium tiered at PU? Meganium is definitely one of the most slept on Pokémon in the game as it relates to competitive use. Megainum can be a phaser with Dragon tail, and a cleric with Aromatherapy. It’s already pretty bulky, so slap a Giga drain on it with a Toxic, now it’s a staller. Or if you really want to get freaky, max Hp, Max Special Attack, and give it a life orb or choice specs, and there is your special sweep/wall breaker. Megainum can even be a physical attacker with Curse and Body slam. So many options there. But I’m getting a bit besides myself.


I guess the thing that I like most about Pokémon, is competitive play. I like the challenge of team building and facing off against others. I do not Hack into my games though, so I play naturally meaning, I breed for my abilities, egg moves and IVs, and grind for my EVs; and I do not like using legendries on my teams.

Needless to say, I am excited to get my hands-on Pokémon Sword and Shield. I do not have the games yet unfortunately (broke people problems), but when I do, I’m definitely #GrookeyGang. It does suck though that Game Freak got rid of the national Dex. The fans want all of the Pokémon. Not to mentioned Game Freak is going against one of their own creators in Junichi Masuda, who said they would never cut Pokémon from being playable in the games. Also, the excuse of cutting Pokémon for better graphics is bull because the graphics of the wild area specifically are subpar, and some of the attack animations are lack luster. Hopefully they will listen to the fans on this and patch more Pokémon in as DLC. Either way, can’t wait to catch’em all with my fellow Pokémon fans!

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