Tales From Abroad Vol. 2

Back in 2016 I went to the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s funny, because while I was poring over my photo gallery, I found a composite picture of Rio that I had screenshot off of the internet back in 2014. Going to Rio was a dream come true for me; going during the Olympics just made it even better.

I was only 20 years old when I went to the Latin American country. Not only that, but I also went by myself. I know that is a bit ambitious for a 20 year old Junior in college at the time; but I knew then, that if I did not become accustom with taking chances, it would be increasingly more difficult to do so later in life. That and also, anyone who really travels knows, the best way to travel is by yourself; I learned that while in Europe.

I saw 4 events while I was out there: two track events, a handball game, and table tennis. Other than the events, there was so many other things to do. I am a museum kind of guy, especially when I am traveling, so I went to a few exhibitions while I was out there. There was a lot of touristy things to do just because the nature of the event. One of the coolest things out there was every night there would be an outside concert in the main tourist section. The night that I went there was a major Brazilian artist performing and she put on a great performance. Everyone was engaged and jumping around; She was like the Beyoncé of Brazil. She performed in Portuguese though, so I did not understand a word of her performance, but the vibe was great.

I went to a night club with some of the people who stayed at my hostel; and turned out that one of the guys knew the owner of the night club and got us in the VIP with free drinks throughout the night. My favorite day by far was my beach day though. I spent the day at Ipanema at the suggestion of one of the hostel workers, and it was great. The weather was beautiful, the water was crystal clear, and the butts were gorgeous hahaha. The Brazilian people are really into their bodies. I remember as I was walking the boardwalk area, every few blocks there was an outside gym for people to workout at.

There were so many beautiful women on the beach wearing little to nothing other than a G-string. And the men for the most part just wore black speedos and all had at least a 6 pack. That day was so relaxing, I went and grabbed food at a beach restaurant; It was great. I also drank coconut water from an actually coconut for the very first time; this was the ultimate vacation for a 20 year old.

I finished my week in brazil by climbing mount Corcovado and seeing one of the 7 wonders of the world, Christ the Redeemer. There was a ferry train that I could have road to the top, but I am also a nature boy. I like hiking, and going on forest/mountain trails. The most memorable part about that experience was the trail itself. Mount Corcovado is not a trail for the faint of heart, and I did not have the best shoes at the time for such a journey. I remember getting to a point on the trial where it’s just a vertical dirt wall that you have to climb before reaching the next plateau. As I’m climbing my foot slips, and I could sense the inevitability of what was going to be a really bad fall. As I try to regain composure, what must have been an angel in the form of a Brazilian officer grabs my hand pulls me up right in the nick of time. Let me be clear, this guy was not there 2 seconds prior lol, no one was.

All in all, it was an amazing trip and I’m glad I had the opportunity and took the initiative to go. I would love to go again, but with the political climate down there these days, I would definitely be more cautious in how I explore the beautiful city that is, Rio de Janeiro.

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