Food For Thought #4 – Better Than I Love Myself

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Let’s not get it twisted. One of the goals of the enemy whether or not one chooses to acknowledge his presence, is to debilitate us and keep us from achieving what it is we are meant to accomplish in this life; Hard stop, no cap, point blank period. If he cannot kill us, he will steal from us, and if he cannot take what’s ours, he will try to destroy it.

The insidiousness in his approach comes in the way in which he tries to execute his plan. He likes to deal with us on a practical level because if he can obstruct what we see he can obscure what we believe. Plainly put, it takes strength to be strong when we are weak.

It’s in the midst of this scenario that I find myself a couple weeks back when I visited my Alma Mater for homecoming. While there I had a great time with great friends and quality people, but I also had some bad intentions during my trip.

It was homecoming and I’m back at my old stomping ground so while I’m enjoying life, in the back of my mind I’m also thinking about who I can be promiscuous with. During the weekend, I match with someone on tinder who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know before. This young lady is absolutely no good for me, but she is also a lot of fun.

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    Long story short, we match and she messages me; But because of timing and the fact that I had other things going on I never see her message. My purpose for being at my Alma Mater did not align with my intentions for wanting to be in contact with her. As I am getting ready to leave and head back home, I finally see the notification of her correspondence. I am elated.

    To me this is icing on the cake, I just had a great weekend and now to finish I’m going to reignite an old flame. As I proceed to open up the tinder app to respond to my soon to be re-conquested conquest, in what appeared to be a what are the odds moment, my entire tinder profile was deleted; And not like a blank profile with no matches, like gone as if I had never created one.

    It’s in this moment that I came to a fuller understanding of what is meant by “God loves us better than we love ourselves”. My dating life has not been the most engaging recently so I was excited to reignite an old flame because I did not think I had the tools to start a new one.

    Fact of the matter is that’s how the enemy works, he will distract you, make you take your eyes off of what you do have, and cause you to focus on what you don’t. He can cause you to think that more for your life is a pipe dream as opposed to a reality. I’m thankful that God refuses to allow me to fall short of what he has for me, and that He loves us enough to say “No”.  

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