The Dems Are Dumb

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I self-identify as a democrat, ish. I never really been able to fully cosign to the ideologies of the democratic party, but as a black person in America, there is this unspoken rule, that you have to be a democrat. I remember when I was younger sharing in a private conversation that one of my family member’s overheard, that I had some conservative views, and being damn near disowned. The fact of the matter is that back then and even more so today I am not fully aligned to the ideologies of one party. Since moving out on my own and growing into my personage, I find myself listening to more conservative and independent news outlets as opposed to regularly tuning in to one of the big 5 (CNN, NSMBC, ABC, CBS, FOX). There is something about the conservative narrative that just speaks to my personal sense of masculinity. But I digress, regardless of my moderately right leaning views I enjoy the game that is politics.

One of my friends once said that politics is just the smart man’s sport. I can identify with that statement because when you strip away all the thrill and frill, politics at the end of the day is mass manipulation, which is fucking awesome. How best can I get one over on the common man. There is something just invigorating about that concept; and for me from that perspective, I do not necessarily care about the players I am just more concerned about how the game is being played, and unfortunately, or rather, as per usual, the democrats are not doing a good job.


My main take away from last Tuesday’s debate was… B O R I N G. There was literally nothing to see, and this is my qualm with the Dems, they are so disconnected from their electorate. The topics for the night included Trump’s impeachment, universal healthcare, Syria, and the front runners’ being too old. And while all of those are important topics, none of them solicited a real response that would have allowed for the candidates to demonstrate how them being in office would benefit the common American.

Here are the facts, impeachment was off the table before the debate began so their conversation on that was moot. 3 out of very 5 statistics ran on universal healthcare show that it would cost more than our current system, and single payer is widely unpopular even amongst the candidates running. As for Syria, Tulsi Gabbard and Pete Buttigieg were the only ones on the right side of the argument mainly because they have both served in the US military. Finally, the conversation of age amongst Joe Biden (76), Elizabeth Warren (70), and Bernie Sanders (78), was not only a low blow but also a red herring when they are the three getting the mainstream headlines and majority airtime as opposed to their younger colleagues running.

Other than the aforementioned there was no substance in this round of debate. The rest of the night consisted of jabs at each other and at Elizabeth Warren as she is currently the one to watch according to the polls.

It was the fringe candidates that shined in this round of debate: Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar. These are your moderate candidates/candidates with solid ideas, that will not get the traction that they need to even contend for the democratic nomination. This was there night to shine because it’s obvious the incumbent moderate candidate Joe Biden, is wavering and is increasingly unconvincing in his ability to execute in the role of president of the United States. I mean let’s be real for a moment, Barack Obama will not even endorse his vice president for president of the United States, but will endorse Justin Trudeau for Prime Minister of Canada. That is such a bad look especially because Obama is the most popular democrat living in the United States; he has a 95% approval rating.


As the debates continue, if the democrats want to win the general or at least stand a chance, they need to spotlight the fringe candidates. And no not Senator Harris, Corey Booker, or Beto O’Rourke; all three of them can bow out of the race gracefully now. Working class Americans want to see their agendas and their concerns represented and so far, none of the front runners have done that effectively. That’s why as of right now the two most popular presidential candidates are Michelle Obama and Oprah. The electorate is not satisfied with their options, and that can change but there has to be a better job done in getting the other options exposed to the electorate. Democrats are not only relegated to the coasts. That’s what’s becoming more evident as this race continues and until the democrats start acknowledging that and doing something about it, they will continue to fail to be effective in a Trump America.

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