Know Your Worth.

For the last 6 weeks I’ve been working at my full-time job in corporate America, and at a part-time job at a liquor store to offset the detrimental broke boy summer that I had this year. Recently I’ve been having issues at my part-time job, mainly, I do not want to be there anymore. I’m tired. Between both jobs I work 12-hour shifts 3-4 days a week.

If I’m tired of working at the part-time job why haven’t I quit yet you ask? Because I can’t afford to. My full-time job pays well but it does not pay that well, and me not having that little bit of extra cash at the end of the week from my part-time job, is the difference between whether or not I can cover a bill, go food shopping, or put gas in my car. By no means am I incapable of providing for myself, but I’m playing catch up right up now which means sacrifices have to be made.


I recently spoke to one of my close friends, let’s call him Mark, and he was telling me about how he was just offered a new position in his company and is in the middle of negotiating his salary. Towards the end of the summer another one of my close friends, let’s call him Chris, was job hunting and he told me that he got an offer at a job that he really wanted, and rejected it, and asked for more money. And you what, he got more money. After speaking to both of them about their situations, I started thinking more about where I am professionally, and I came to the realization that I am undervalued.

This did not come as a surprise to me though, I knew when I took the full-time job that I was not being properly compensated or had a sufficient enough benefits package. At the time however, I had little to no options and you know what they say about beggars. So, I capitulated on what I wanted for what I needed but there was and is a disparity between the midpoint of those two things.

That being said there are differences between my situation and that of my friends, the biggest of all being, that all of our industries are different. Mark is in tech, Chris is in higher ed, and I’m in sales. We each have advantages and disadvantages within our industries that when compared to one another makes that playing field more level.

So, what’s the problem? There is none, this is more of an observation.


You see, when Mark was telling me how he was negotiating the terms of his new contract, I was telling him how I am hesitant to advocate on my own behalf in such a way; and he told me that I can’t be. He said it’s imperative to know your worth and then advocate for yourself. He said it doesn’t matter the circumstance or your skill set, you will always be undervalued, that’s why it’s your job to argue your value. Mark said that most people do not plead their case for themselves because they do not think they can, or that it would matter if they did, but that’s a misnomer and a mindset that needs to be overcome.

I was inspired.

I’ve been real in tune recently, and have been able to pick up on themes and signs in my life; and I received another sign yesterday. At my part-time job, we just hired a guy, Vic. Vic and I were speaking in the back of the store yesterday and he was asking for the low down on all the store associates. Vic goes “yea man I can read people pretty well, that’s why I do not say anything and I just stay in may lane”. “You know Pam?” Vic continues.

“she came up to me the other day and tried to son me, and I was not having it, I’m a grown ass man. As long as I am doing my job and Bob does not have any issues with me, I do not care who you are or what it is you have to say”.

Vic continues on by saying that I have a future ahead of myself and that working at the liquor store is just a pit stop. He encouraged me not to stress out over the job and to not take any disrespect from anyone.

You know how you know something in your heart and mind but it does not click until someone else says it? That’s the kind of encounter I had with Vic yesterday.

Knowing your worth is essential, and what’s even more so is standing up for yourself. I have not been the best at those two things recently but that is going to change, it has to, otherwise I’ll never get to where I’m supposed to be in life, personally or professionally…

Man, it feels good to be back. That month off was amazing. During my time away I completely checked out of the writing process. It was difficult at first but necessary to in order to focus on myself. I learned a lot about me and I did a lot of much needed healing. As of this entry, “Overcoming Trauma” is my most viewed post so far. It’s exciting to see people responding positively and connecting with what I have to share. I am Looking forward to this next chapter in the life of this blog, because I know it’s going to be great; I have a lot of ideas that I’m looking forward to seeing come to fruition including expanding the scope of the blog, and writing longer pieces.

I will give a full run down on my time away in a separate blog post, make sure to join the mailing list so you can be one of first to know when that post comes out. Also go check out some of my other content, including the gallery which is officially up and running!

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