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July 12th 2019 I posted my very first blog entry entitled “A Letter to My Mother“. It along with, “Prayer of Consecration“, were part of a collection of pieces written and prepared for public consumption over the course of several months prior to release. July 14th 2019 I wrote my first non premeditated piece in “My Definitive Take on College in it’s Current Iteration“.

As this week marks one month into this journey, I want to take inventory of the impact this experience has had on me over the past month and speak/write into existence my hopes for this blog’s future. I invite you to join me on this critical examination of myself and my work, and hope after reading you are inspired and edified.

The Message:

The purpose of this blog thus far has been solely to give flight to my voice. I have some good things to say, and wanted them to be heard/read. However, what started out as me just writing to write, is starting to become me writing to live.

This blog found me at a not good place in life, and manifested in the midst of personal chaos and turmoil, becoming in my mind a cornerstone for me. It was like the piece and peace I was missing. The sheer joy that oozes out of my being when I open my laptop and begin my writing process is like nothing ever experienced before.

This is my passion project.

There are not too many things that ignite a fire in me so for this to do that every time its time for me to create content is a gift and a blessing. There is a message of hope here, and that is beautiful. Whether it’s one of my more recent pieces or one of the OGs (first pieces), the underlying message with every perspective on here is hope.

It’s amazing the shape things will take because I never imaged that for this, but I guess it’s fitting because this blog gives me hope and that hope is reflected in each entry.

The Process:

Whenever I am about to start writing a piece I call it “going to the lab”. Most of my writing is done in the privacy and quiet of my own home. I turn on a low wattage lamp, sometimes light a candle, put on a slow to mid tempo instrumental playlist and allow for the words to flow. Seeing the blank page can be daunting at first, like what the hell am I doing or what am I supposed to do? But once I start it’s like running water.

A lot of times I do not have a beginning middle or end in mind. Usually all I have is a topic and a title. Organization is a key factor for me so those two things are essentials.

I need to have something to talk about and it needs to be framed or put within margins. Once I have those I just go. My number one “rule” is write whatever comes to mind. Writing has always been the premier form of communication for me. Do not get me wrong I’m a good orator, I just think that I get my message across more effectively when it’s written down and made plain. That being said however, for the purposes of this blog, I have a tendency to water down what I write.

For example in ““Thoughts and Prayers” Aren’t Enough Anymore” and “Why are Millennials so Lonely“, those two pieces in particular were topic specific and I had the urge to turn them into soap boxes, but reared myself in because I did not want to overwhelm the reader. I wanted to present solutions not opinion.

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    One of the things that bugs me about certain things that are out in the world for consumption is the explicit bias. I find value in allowing people for formulate their own opinion on various subject matters and i think that overloading a piece with exculpatory information and jargon is an injustice towards the layman.


    This is struggle area for me. I still keep a personal journal and I have various other places where I keep written work but I have found that it is challenging to keep up with those other areas of my writing life. My personal journal for example, I use to be able to write and not have to think about it, now a days, I have to make a conscious effort to write in it. I think because I put so much time and energy to this form factor, when it comes to writing for myself it goes on the back burner.

    One major area of improvement for me would be to get on a schedule for my blog posts. The challenge for me with that is I enjoy doing this because it is a free form factor. There is no deadline, and there are no requirements. When I do this I do not associate it with work. One of my hesitations in scheduling my posts and “lab” time is that if I do, then this becomes work and as such I lose my passion for it. I do acknowledge that its necessary, I’m just prolonging it I guess.


    One cool unintended benefit from blogging has been the cultivating of my business acumen. As I mentioned in “My Bout With Unemployment” I use to be a small business owner; and in fact, before this blog became “My Black Perspective”, it was going to be a blog that would support my small business. Little did I know going into this endeavor, that blogging is a small business all its own.

    This blog has done a good a job at revealing different qualities in me. I’ve found that I enjoy the back-end of blogging just as much as I enjoy the front-end. My relationship with the concept of work is not the greatest right now. I think its straight up demonic (specifically work that is uninspired). I do not like any aspect of it. I sell my most valuable commodity in time off to someone for minimum wage just so I can live as a slave to money and my lifestyle, I’m sure that is not living the way God intended. Employment also undercuts and undermines the individuality and dreams of an individual. My opinion on this matter is definitely influenced by the fact that I am not doing what I want to be doing with my life work wise right now, regardless of which however, when taken at face value, there is truth in that observation.

    All that being said, the opportunity to be the captain of my own ship and not have it tied to my financial survival has been satiating. I check my stats all the time. Its rewarding to see this blog grow. I enjoy seeing the performance of a post. Not necessarily because I am going to change my approach in how write based on such information, but rather to see how that particular piece resonated with people, and what kind of splash it made if any.

    I’m Getting Better:

    It’s been an uphill battle, and 2019 has not let up on me yet, but I’m getting better. I think that’s reflective in the quality of content I am producing. My posts have definitely become more refined as have I over this past month. Freedom for me starts here. Every time I get to share a perspective here that’s me becoming more free.

    I’m excited that I have given this blog the room to grow along with me. I know eventually this will become a more rigid process; which is okay because when it does it will be because that’s what it needs to become to continue to be fruitful in my life and in the lives of others. I appreciate how grass roots this blog is. One new reader at a time… That means a lot.

    I know I’m on the right path and that this blog is the foundation for some great things to come. This blog is going to out grow itself one day, and come what may I am going to stay true to myself and steadfast to the process. I’ll keep “going to the lab”, and continue to share my black perspective in whatever form it may take.

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